Samuel Seymour wasn’t concerned about President Lincoln on the night of April 14, 1865. Sitting in the audience at Ford’s Theatre, he didn’t even realize the president had been shot.

It was John Wilkes Booth who elicited the sympathies of the 5-year-old Baltimore boy,  attending the play with his godmother. He wondered if the actor was hurt when he suddenly dropped from the presidential box.

Seymour, at age 96, appeared on TV’s “I’ve Got A Secret” show in 1956. His secret: “I Saw John Wilkes Booth Shoot Abraham Lincoln.”

Seymour, like most people in the theater, didn’t actually see the shooting.

Like most other theatergoers that night, he did see Booth alight on stage, wobble and right himself.

Hear him tell it on You Tube: