John Wilkes Booth never bought a ticket on the evening of April 14 because he was a long-time friend of theater owner John T. Ford. Here are the prices for the paying customers:

Family Circle tickets, for 25 cents, admitted the bearer to the third-floor balcony, where patrons sat on high-backed benches.

Dress Circle tickets, at 75 cents, meant the bearer sat on a cane-bottomed chair on the second-floor balcony, the same level as the presidential box.

Orchestra Level tickets, at $1, were among the best seats in the house. Seats ran from directly behind the orchestra pit and to the back of the main floor.

Tickets for boxes cost $10 for upper boxes and $6 for the lower boxes. The grandiose boxes were actually the worst seats in the house because they faced away from the stage and toward the audience. The idea was to allow audience members to  gawk at the celebrities who rented them.

Thirsty playgoers could duck into the adjoining Tatavull’s Saloon to wet their whistles at intermission.