The Lincoln funeral car was not one of the new Pullman sleeping cars as widely reported. The car that carried the president’s coffin through seven states was part of a now-defunct military railroad system, according to the meticulous research of Wayne E. Wesolowski. Wesolowski is the University of Arizona chemistry professor working on uncovering the true color of the funeral car,

The construction of an opulent presidential car was authorized in 1864. It was constructed in Alexandria, Va. It featured fine woodwork, upholstered walls, etched glass windows and sixteen wheels for a smoother ride.  A large U.S. crest was painted on the sides of the car because there was no presidential crest at the time.

The president never rode in the car until after his death.

The car was sold and resold until it was accidentally burned when two boys were burning weeds during a windstorm in 1911.

Source: Interview with Wayne and Mary Cay Wesolowski, authors of “The Lincoln Train is Coming.”