The flowers for President Lincoln’s Washington funeral cost $30 — about $433 in today’s dollars. The total included $9 for rose buds, $1 for other white flowers and $20 for unspecified flowers.

The other funeral costs included $100 for embalming, $160 for an embalmer and assistant to travel with the funeral cortege to Illinois, 700 yards of white silk at $3.75 a yard, 126 pair of white silk gloves at $1 each, $10 for removing Willie Lincoln’s remains so they could be buried with his father’s in Springfield, two $8 silk hats for the coachmen and one $10 silk hat for Robert Lincoln.

keckley Elizabeth Keckley

Elizabeth Keckley, Mrs. Lincoln’s attendant, expensed $360 for caring for the widow from April 14 until May 26 — $210 for her services, $100 for travel and incidental expenses, a $50 for requisite mourning apparel.