Test your Lincoln Administration knowledge:

Q. What did Lincoln often eat for lunch?

A. Just an apple

Q. What was the name of President Lincoln’s horse, the one he rode over the Eighth Judicial Circuit?

A. Old Bob.

Q. What animal did Lincoln’s sons lead to the White House attic?

A. A goat.

Q. Why did Mary Lincoln dislike Fridays?

A. She thought they were unlucky — even years before the assassination.

Q. What was Mr. Lincoln’s presidential salary?

A. $25,000 a year.

Q. How much did John Wilkes Booth earn acting in the 1860s?

A. About $20,000 a year.

Q. Lincoln was the first president to wear this.

A. A beard

Q. What unusual gathering did President and Mrs. Lincoln host in the White House?

A. A seance.